Hippies, Witches, Angelics Online

Owner - Judy Squires-Gleason

Welcome to our online shoppe.

We operate online ONLY.

Judy's has "semi-retired" offering this website & in person classes., readings & more. 

That information can be found at www.justjudysjourneys.com 

Thank-you for being a part of our shoppe for 10 years!!

All purchases are final sale.  

Orders typically ship out within 2 days -unless of a holiday. Pick up is available by appt.

All prices are USD.

**PLEASE note that we are taking a hiatus from social media for the rest of the summer (or more) you will not find us there currently.


Welcome - we have been in business for over 9 1/2 years-we started out as Hippies, Witches & Gypsies with a  physical shoppe in downtown Troy NY -opening in May 2014.

It has  been a "journey" - We are blessed with amazing customers whom we have built a very solid base of trust & friendship with. We have built great relationships with so many. Judy knows this is why her business is what it is today & what it has been . It is because we care, we sincerely care about others. 

We have now moved to online only.

 Thank-you for being here today. 

Judy is also the owner of www.justjudysjourneys.com

I've loved Judy's stores for many years!! It was fortunate that I found her original store. The warmth inside was palpable!! And, of course, her" goodies" became mine in short order!!

 I'm in love with her present store & Judy, too!!  She is inspiring & helpful !!  Plus, knowledgeable & generous!! 

 Hippies, Witches & Gypsies is a remarkable store!!! 

 Her selection of wares are wonderful!! Crystals, stones, candles, & so many other things are things you just have to see & purchase!!

You will be very grateful you visited. 



A visit to her (Judy's)  shoppe is an experience unto itself I highly recommend if you are able. 

Long-Time Patron Testimonial

Judy - The shoppe owner

Judy Squires-Gleason

Online shoppe/business owner- water witch, spiritual student of the universe!

Judy -The owner of Hippies, Witches & Angelic Connections (Previously Hippies, Witches & Gypsies)  isn't what she would call a "typical" shoppe/business owner. 

She didn't & still doesn't run with the masses, she does things the way she feels is best for her shoppe/business, then those customers that resonate with her way of business appear. 

 Judy has her personal & business boundaries in place. This has taken time and it has worked well for almost ten years.

Thank-you for being here.


Online only .

Physical shoppe Closed as of 12/23/23 

Thank-you everyone!