Hippies, Witches & Angelic Connections-Online

Welcome to our online shoppe.

Our physical shoppe is in Troy NY. 

We first opened our doors in May of 2014.

2/15/23 we announced our new shoppe name -Hippies, Witches & Angelic Connections.

3/23/23 We announced that we will close our physical shoppe as of 12/23/23(Last day for general public)

we will continue with online ONLY into 2024.

Please shoppe wisely as once payment has been made there are no refunds, credits or exchanges. 

(NOTE Vacation is upcoming for Judy this means from nothing will be shipped from 9/23-10/16 inclusive) you may order but shipping will be later than usual) 

Please note that "shipping" is shipping/handling & a physical person bringing your parcel to the post office. 

In shoppe pick up is also available at check-out.

All prices are USD.


Welcome - we have been in business for over 9 years-we started out as Hippies, Witches & Gypsies with a  physical shoppe in downtown Troy NY -opening in May 2014.

On 2/15/23 we announced our new name Hippies, Witches & Angelic Connections! 

3/23/23 -we announced that as of 12/31/2023 we will close our physical shoppe in Troy NY & continue with online only.

It has  been a "journey" - We are blessed with amazing customers whom we have built a very solid base of trust & friendship with. We have built great relationships with so many & we hope that we will continue to do so moving forward. We feel this is why our business is what it is today, It is because we care, we sincerely care about others. Our online presence is expanding.

 Thank-you for being here today. 

Judy is also the owner of www.justjudysjourneys.com

I've loved Judy's stores for many years!! It was fortunate that I found her original store. The warmth inside was palpable!! And, of course, her" goodies" became mine in short order!!

 I'm in love with her present store & Judy, too!!  She is inspiring & helpful !!  Plus, knowledgeable & generous!! 

 Hippies, Witches & Gypsies is a remarkable store!!! 

 Her selection of wares are wonderful!! Crystals, stones, candles, & so many other things are things you just have to see & purchase!!

You will be very grateful you visited. 



A visit to her (Judy's)  shoppe is an experience unto itself I highly recommend if you are able. 

Long-Time Patron Testimonial

Judy - The shoppe owner

Judy Squires-Gleason

Shoppe owner- water witch, spiritual student of the universe!

Judy -The owner of Hippies, Witches & Angelic Connections (Previously Hippies, Witches & Gypsies)  isn't what she would call a "typical" shoppe owner. She doesn't run with the masses, she does things the way she feels is BEST for the shoppe first & foremost, and then those customers that resonate with her way of business appear.  Judy has her personal & business boundaries in place. This has taken time to evolve around but it has worked well for over eight years. She is  evolving along with the shoppe.

Thank-you for being here.


NOTE- SPECIFIC UPCOMING Vacation hours -listed PER DAY 

Wed 9/20,11-5

Thurs 9/21,11-5

Fri 9/22 11-5

Sat 9/23,9-4

Wed 9/27 Closed

Thurs 9/28 Closed

Fri 9/29 Closed

Sat 9/309am-4pm

Wed 10/4 Closed

Thurs 10/5 Closed

Fri 10/6,11-5

Sat 10/7,9-4

Wed 10/11,Closed

Thurs 10/12,Closed

Fri 10/13,11-5

Sat 10/14,9-4

Sun 10/15 OPEN noon-4

Wed 10/18 FBonline sales only -shoppe closed

Thurs 10/19FB online sales only-shoppe closed

Fri 10/2011am-5pm

Sat 10/21,9am-4pm

Wed 10/25 FB online Sales only-shoppe closed

Thurs 10/26 FB online sale only-Shoppe closed

Fri 10/27 Open 11am-5pm

Sat 10/28 Open 9am-4pm

Wed 11/1 FB online sales only shoppe closed

Thurs 11/2 FB online sales only shoppe closed

Fri 11/3Open 11am-5pm

Sat 11/4Open 10am-4pm

After 11/4 we will return to being OPEN Wed, Thurs, Friday & Sat weekly (and will be updated here weekly-until we close (final day to the public will be 12/23/23.  

Troy , NY

33 Second Street, Troy NY 12180